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Top questions we're asked.

Why is it called Avocado?
Avocados are all about couples! An avocado tree only bears fruit when paired with another tree or grown in a family. Likewise, the fruit grows in pairs.
Is there really a need for an app just for two people?
Oh, wow. Yes! So badly. The world's most common social arrangement across cultural and age boundaries is a couple. Most of their needs are also common and only served by complicated hacks in the social networks that exist.
Do people like Avocado?
People using Avocado really, really like it. You can see that in the many hundreds of 5-star reviews we've received already. A sampling…
  • Danielle D. - ★★★★★ Best App for Couples! This is the best app of 2012/2013. We use it for everything - grocery lists, notes of love, scheduling/calendar - I don't know how we lived without it! :)
  • Amber S. - ★★★★★ Amazing! Me and my husband have been using this for a few weeks now and it just merges everything in our life together perfectly. It's a fantastic app and I have been recommending it to everyone!
  • Maranda S. - ★★★★★ I can honestly say...My fiance was the one who suggested trying Avo and with each week it just gets better and better. We use it every day and the features make sharing events and our schedules easier and smoother. I also like being able to access it from the browser so that if my phone dies I know I still have a way to get in touch. It will be perfect for the summer when I am away working. We love it so much that we recommended it to our friends. My sister was initially skeptical but now she and her girlfriend use it even more than we do! :D This app has changed the way I approach relationships. I find myself making more of an effort to communicate with all the important people in my life because I've seen how much stronger my own romantic relationship has become.Thank you, thank you for this app! We all look forward to seeing the future for it.
  • Danny R. - ★★★★★ Great for more intimate digital conversation. My boyfriend and I have been using this app for about a month now and it has steadily improved with more stability and more features. I was honestly skeptical about the Idea, but now we are using avocado every day as our primary communication medium. Check it out and really give it a try!
How popular is Avocado?
Avocado has millions of downloads and a ton of crazy, dedicated users. Users on Avocado tend to be very active and are sending many millions of API requests every day.
Why would we use this over SMS or email?
SMS is very nice but it can't see activities...only your texts. If your favorite person updates your "places-to-go-on-vacation" list you won't find out automatically if you're only using SMS.

SMS isn't the greatest for developing a shared history either as in many cases it doesn't actually support long-lived history. SMS also doesn't make it easier for more connected features to be shared like location, or drawing.

Email isn't really couple-friendly because the vast majority of the world knows how easy it is to accidentally "reply all" to something that was meant for just one person.

Avocado is special because we design it for couples first and treat their experiences as the primary focus of our efforts.
How will Avocado make money?
Glad you asked. We're working on our business model right now. All of the apps for Avocado are free to download, no one pays a dime to get started. But couples who find themselves relying on Avocado daily should check out our Avocado Unlimited subscription which unlocks data limits and advanced features.
What's next?
Avocado intends to become the best mobile and application platform for couples anywhere in the world. Meaning: any activity which brings people closer together with ease and delight is a potential feature.