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Tools for developers to build stuff for couples. Or for anyone.

Avocado API

Imagine what you can build for a world of just two people. We've included the full API documentation for Avocado including the reading and writing of activities, lists, media, events, and settings.

Python utilities

Includes a script that takes a list of directories containing web resources (JS, CSS, images) and outputs a versioned directory containing the files, renamed according to MD5 hashes.

Absolutely Super List

AbsolutelySuperList uses JavaScript and CSS to take a mostly normal <ul> or <ol> and enhances it to allow inserting, removing, rearranging and resizing of rows in the list with perfect CSS transitions.


ButterList is a jQuery plugin for rendering/manipulating lists of any size without slowing down the browser.

Avocado XCode Templates

Various Xcode new file templates so you can create them from File->New File dialog in Xcode.

"Made with help from everyone." - @avocado