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Tools for developers to build stuff for couples. Or for anyone.

Avocado API

Imagine what you can build for a world of just two people. We've included the full API documentation for Avocado including the reading and writing of activities, lists, media, events, and settings.


ButterList is a jQuery plugin for rendering/manipulating lists of any size without slowing down the browser.

Grid Actually

Grid Actually is a flexible, animated grid of square images using a single sprite. This grid was built for the Avocado homepage and looks a bit like the ending to the 2003 film Love Actually.


CropCircle is a modern, minimal, hackable image cropping widget with minimal dependences (just jQuery) that tries to provide a cropping interface that's manageable on small touch devices as well as desktops.

Python utilities

Includes a script that takes a list of directories containing web resources (JS, CSS, images) and outputs a versioned directory containing the files, renamed according to MD5 hashes.

Absolutely Super List

AbsolutelySuperList uses JavaScript and CSS to take a mostly normal <ul> or <ol> and enhances it to allow inserting, removing, rearranging and resizing of rows in the list with perfect CSS transitions.

Avocado XCode Templates

Various Xcode new file templates so you can create them from File->New File dialog in Xcode.

"Made with help from everyone." - @avocado