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Modern love.
A study of couples and their phones.

Find out about love in the age of digital love notes.

A majority of American adults now owns a smartphone, but how do they use it with their most important person?

We asked hundreds of coupled smartphone users to find out. The initial results, published here along with our infographic, reveal never-before-seen data and trends. Conducted in partnership with Viola Consulting, our study surveyed men and women in committed relationships of at least 7 months ranging in age from 24 to 45 years old. Nearly 86% of respondents reported being in their relationship for 25+ months. Some key findings:

  • 90% chat via their smartphone more than 2-5 times EACH day.
  • 75% of couples use the same smartphone OS as their partner.
  • 58% preferred texting as their primary method of communicating while apart, 25% said phone call, and 7 percent instant messaging.
  • Over 55% report their level of communication is “more than enough,” although newer couples (7-12 months) were more likely to want more communication from their partners.

We'll update this page as we release more data from our qualitative and quantitative reports. Interested in writing about our research on couple technology? Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. ♥

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